3-4 YRS | 4-5 yrs

The pre-school classes at SKBS are known as 'Bluebird Ballet' and are a delightful introduction to the world of ballet. Each class includes carefully created exercises which introduce the basics of ballet yet are delivered through story-telling, imaginative sequences and all with a sense of fun! We also use beautiful, colourful and textured props and musical instruments to enhance the experience.



6 YRS +

Classes for 6 year-olds and above are structured around the Grades Syllabus of the Royal Academy of Dance; an international dance organisation with Registered Teachers in over 80 countries worldwide.

The RAD's Graded levels are known as Pre-Primary, Primary and Grades 1 - 8.

Vocational levels and pointe training are also offered for those students who wish to study the pre-professional levels which will enable them to complete their training at full-time colleges or at tertiary level.

RAD Examinations at SKBS are offered but are not compulsory. Exams take place at our studio with a visiting RAD Examiner and students are awarded an official RAD Certificate, Medal and Report.


6 yrs +

Jazz dance is a fun, energetic dance style. Classes include warm up movements, safe stretches, turns, kicks, combinations across the floor and weekly progressive choreography on a routine. The music used ranges from popular chart hits to broadway classics.

We offer 3 levels of Jazz; starting at 6-8yrs (Level 1) 


8 yrs +

Our Contemporary classes encourage dancers to move more freely, with techniques taught to enhance their understanding of rotation, rise and fall, lines through the body and the use of the floor. Classes are a combination of dance patterns which are taught and improvisation, where students' individual ideas are explored and developed. 

For students 9yrs+

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